Club Affiliation

Our Club Affiliation program is designed to seamlessly allow members from clubs all over New Zealand the opportunity to not just support this project but to allow their own members to experience the facility when visiting Christchurch for 10 years.   

We expect our new facility will benefit more directly South Island squash players and clubs therefore we have structured packages accordingly by offering a more competitive rate for North Island clubs. This structure has been developed to accommodate all club sizes.

The Club Affiliation proposal is based on the player numbers reported in the Squash NZ Annual Report of 2017 and the following per player sets the Club Affiliation amount.

FOR EXAMPLE - CLUB X from the South Island has a membership as follows:

SENIOR MEMBERS = 100 @ $50.00 = $5,000

JUNIOR MEMBERS = 30 @ $25.00 = $750

ONE OFF PAYMENT = $5,750 for 10 year affiliation payment 

THIS IS A ONE OFF PAYMENT AND THE OFFER IS AVAILABLE TO ALL CLUBS UP UNTIL 5.00pm 31 MAY 2018 with payment due 3 months following signing of build contract.

South Island Clubs

SENIOR MEMBERS $50.00 per member = just $5.00 a year

JUNIOR MEMBERS $25.00 per member = just $2.50 a year

North Island Clubs

SENIOR MEMBERS $30.00 per member = just $3.00 a year

JUNIOR MEMBERS $15.00 per member = just $1.50 a year

Fine Print

The Affiliation Membership does not apply to squash clubs within the greater Christchurch metropolitan area and the affiliated member cannot be a resident in Christchurch.


All funds raised through Foundation Membership will be used for Courts, Stadium Seating and an iSquash Interactive Machine which will enable us to have the best quality Courts,  Spectator Experience and  Player Development Technology.


  • Financial contribution to major NZ squash facility

  • 10 years free use of courts for all club members when visiting Christchurch 

Fine Print

  • $1,000 deposit required with your pledge

  • All Foundation Membership Monies will be held in a Malley and Co Trust Account

  • If the project does not go ahead for any reason your deposit will be returned

  • If you choose to not complete payment your deposit will be forfeit.

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