Our response to COVID-19

Dear Members and Guest of The Christchurch Squash Club,


The club committee met to discuss what actions we need to take to manage the current Covid-19 situation.

Developing a plan that is neither under reacting or over reacting is a challenge for the committee but we are keen to maintain normality as much as possible.

We appreciate the challenges that many of us face and we plan to update our members as the situation changes.

Attached to this email is a letter from Squash New Zealand giving guidelines to minimise risk for our squash community.


If you’re sick or unwell consider staying at home to contain any spread of illness. We ask all those who have any of the following to seek medical attention before attending any future Squash events:

• Respiratory symptoms

• Fever

• Cough

• Shortness of Breath or breathing difficulties

• Any other flu-like symptoms


Over and above the recommendations from Squash NZ the committee has decided to introduce the following measures. The following information will be distributed to all event players and signage will be strategically placed at the entrance and all courts doors.

During Non-Competition

  • Wipe their hands using sanitised wipes or washing hands in the changing rooms.

  • No shaking hands with players, a courtesy touch of the racquets would be a good substitute.

  • All players must bring a personal drink bottle because the drinking fountain will be decommissioned.

  • Wiping hands on wall will be strictly prohibited.

  • All players must bring a hand towel to the court and during the game players will be permitted to wipe themselves off at any point in time. We recommend wrist bands be used.


During Events


In addition to the above the following measures will be introduced:


  • Wipes or sanitiser will be available outside courts.

  • Balls will be cleaned between matches.

  • Electronic scoring devices will be cleaned between matches.

  • Increased cleaning regime will be adopted.


Other Measures and Instructions 24/7


  • Seating will be broken down providing spectator separation.

  • The cleaning regularity of our facility will be increased.

  • Entrance computer and screen cleaned daily but will be set to show bookings 24/7.

  • Eftpos machine cleaned daily

  • All members need to book courts correctly so there is a record of who is on court and when they played.

  • Strongly recommend bookings be made from personal devices.


At this point our Pre-season is proceeding and we understand that Squash New Zealand in conjunction with the regional bodies are reviewing events going forward.




Mike Beresford


On behalf of the Christchurch Squash Club Committee

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