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The Christchurch Squash Club committee is delighted to announce that a building contract will be signed in the next 10 days for our new facility at the Cashmere Club.

We want to acknowledge the funding organisations, foundation members, debenture holders and other key stakeholders that have contributed.

The DON PRESTON SQUASH CENTRE will unquestionably aid the development and growth of the sport we have all come to love!

The Committee has decided to build the new facility to accommodate 8 courts but to initially install 6 courts (Stage 1). This will reduce cost, eliminating the need to borrow and introducing membership building levies. These were concerns raised by members at our Special General Meeting.

This aside, the courts will be ordered December 2018. We hope to raise sufficient funds over the next 3 months so 3 additional courts can be installed making this facility a PREMIUM SQUASH VENUE therefore enabling us to attract major events to Christchurch. WOW!!!

Due to the reduction of courts the committee decided to refrain from introducing a Club Manager until the additional 3 courts are installed because fewer courts mean less pay to play income and also conscious of preserving court time for our members.     

Your financial support for this project is still required to fully complete the development so please visit our funding page.

There will be upcoming initiatives from the club to raise further $$$$$ like raffles, poker nights,quiz nights and squash events. Often the challenge is having volunteers/members prepared to assist and organize such events. So please contact a committee member to offer your assistance. 



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The District and National Superchamps events are played to identify the strongest club in the country for each grade. Teams are composed of five players per club that are in the same grade (B, C, D, E and F/J) for both men and women). At the District Superchamps clubs in a single district play off to find the district champion in each grade. The district champion is then eligible to travel to the National Superchamps finals to play off for the national title. Teams contest in round-robin and/or knockout format, with the team that wins three or more matches declared the winner.

2016 Superchamps

The recommended date for Superchamps District Eliminations in 2016 is 29-31 July.  The National finals will be played from 21-24 September at the following host clubs:

B Grade: Hawke's Bay Squash Rackets Club
C Grade: Christchurch Football Squash Club
D Grade: Kawaroa Park Squash Club
E Grade: SquashCity Invercargill
F/J Grade: Remuera Rackets Club