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Christchurch Squash Newsletter - No 2 - 2019


At our recent Annual General Meeting Wendy Dann nominated Greg Atkins as a Life member of The Christchurch Squash Club and the motion, as expected was carried with 100% support. 

Greg joined Christchurch Squash in 1985 having played for a couple of years at the Christchurch Working Mens Club which was located on the new Convention Centre site along Armagh Street.

CHCH Prizegiving 2018 21.JPG


The committee is keen to introduce a role which could be in the form of a sub-committee to focus specifcally on the development of Women's squash. Women typically have more elements to juggle in their lives and therefore more likley to experience change making continuity of playing more challenging.

So the committee is seeking interest from members who are keen to work on marketing initiatives, programmes, and events tailored to enhance our Women's membership. 

Please if you are interesed contact Mike Beresford

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As at 1 March 2019 our membership has lifted to 259 just short of our highest level for 10 Years. This growth is partly due to the GrabOne campaign but there still continues to be a steady number of new member enquiries.

A key focus for the committee in 2019 is to drive Women and Junior membership as our current membership spread has a disproportionate number of Men.

Due to the efforts of Tim McVie and Di McCoy we are confident of bolstering our Junior membership significantly as the following schools have recently engaged with our club and a commencing programmes in Term 2.

Cathedral Grammar, Hagley High, St Michaels, Cashmere high and Christ College will be returning.

These are great signs, all this and our new faciltiy is still 4 months away.


Our new faciltiy continues to take shape as the roof is now 80% complete and the latest photo on our website was taken from inside the building. The photo illustrates the insulation being installed which is going to be a significant game changer for our club members. Our facility during the coldest months will be conducive to better quality and consistent squash making your experience.

#18 190301.JPG


The managers role has not yet been confirmed however we are in contrcat negotiations with a party and are expecting to confirm the position before the end of this month. 


Officially the building contract will be signed at Monday 24 Sept 11.00am but deconstruction and tree removal has already begun.

The target date for completion is the 26 April 2019 but please be reassured that we will remain fully operation at Chester Street right up until the opening of the new facility.

We propose to install 5 courts initially with continued use of the 2 Cashmere courts although our aim is to raise sufficient funds to complete all 8.

Over the coming months there is an enormous amount of set-up and organisation necessary to ensure that from the day of opening we make an impact.

"You don't get a second chance of making a good first impression" 

If you are able to assist over the next 6-7 months please can you contact Mike on 0274331346.   



CRAFTY DOUBLES 13 October 2018

Social Doubles Event Starting Saturday Morning followed with a 5 Brewery Bus Tour. Cost Approx $150.00, Refreshments and Nibbles provided. This event is subject to numbers, to register contact Greg Whyte 021 2734464  

CLUB PRIZE-GIVING 27 October 2018

To be held at the club, final details to be confirmed - but save the date!  


Venue to be confirmed 

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