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NZ Groups & Communities

Squash New Zealand - national organising body

Squash Canterbury - Canterbury district group

Court Skills & Analysis

Squash Mind fulfil your potential, use daily for practices in mindfulness and visualisation to improve your mental wellbeing and resilience.

AR Proformance - video analysis and discussion of professional play & players

Squash Skills - Structured video based courses to make you a better player

Refereeing & Rules

World Squash Officiating  - from complete novice to pro level refereeing resources. Improve your skills by taking their beginner free video courses with clear explanations - and continue on to become a pro!

World Squash Federation - official rules and news

Current Squash Singles Rules (2020 v2)

Current Squash Doubles Rules (2022)

NZ Grading Points & Adjustments

Pro Squash

PSA World Tour - news & rankings

SquashTV - live stream and archive matches

PSA YouTube - match highlights, shot of the month

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