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Squash Fitness and Conditioning

Updated: May 4, 2020

It is imperative as a club to offer a comprehensive range of services. Preparing members physically increases performance, reduces injury and keeps us playing longer.

Assuming you are keen to address the above we would appreciate your feedback as to what days and times would suit you best so we can introduce classes inline with your needs. The club made a small investment towards gym equipment and we would invest further but the current usage doesn’t support the business case.

Appreciate your feedback.

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1 Comment

Feedback as follows 1) why is all the women's sessions weekday mornings - missing out on alot of working woman 2) why not give out some free squash fitness, ie get it out there so people know what it is all about - ie if you want more women how about u do a quick 15 session before the start of the beginner's and d&e coaching sessions 3) as a member not entirely convinced this is the best way to have spend club funds but pleased you are looking into its viability before continuing down this path

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