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BOXED4 - Rules

 - BOXED4 is a social league which is run on a monthly basis for the enjoyment of members

 - Matches can be played at any time and should be arranged by the participants directly

 - Please make every effort to organise and play all 3 of your games during the month

 - The league organisers will not be arranging matches and will not be booking courts

 - The BOXED4 League has no impact on participants Squash NZ grading points

 - All players will be automatically rolled over to the following months league

 - Players who wish to be removed should remove themselves on iSquash

 - The scores must be entered onto the sheet provided on the club noticeboard 



         Score                       Winner       Loser

           3-0                           5 pts         1 pt

           3-1                           5 pts         2 pts

           3-2                           5 pts         3 pts

        Default                        4 pts         0 pts


1 point for turning up.  1 point for each game won.  1 point for winning the match. 


Promotion or Relegation?

At the end of each monthly league cycle the following relegations/promotions will take place:

League Winner        Promoted to League above

2nd and 3rd Place   Remain in same league

4th Place                  Relegated to league below

N.B. Any players not playing a minimum of two matches per league cycle will be dropped.

Exceptions to the above rule are: 1. Injuries  2. Special circumstances sited to the League organiser.


Playing all League games earns 1 extra point.

League Rules

 - All matches are best of 5 games PAR 15 scoring

 - The player in the lead of an unfinished match shall be declared the winner

 - A player who withdraws from a league cycle may not re enter at a higher level

 - Please remember the leagues are arranged for the enjoyment of all participants

 - Failure to play spoils other people’s pleasure and makes organisation difficult

 - It is up to all players to play their matches. If you do not wish to play League squash on a regular basis 

 - you should withdraw from the Leagues via iSquash

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