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Private 1:1 and Pairs Coaching

To get the most from your squash coaching sessions sign up for one on one lessons. This will provide you with highly focused input and guidance specifically tailored to your needs and aims. Whether you are looking to improve a specific aspect of your squash, or would like to work on your game in general, a dedicated session will give you to biggest return for the training time that you put in.

You will be able to target the part of your squash that you want to focus on and take your drops, drives, lobs, court movement and serves to the next level.

If you have someone at a similar level to yourself that you would like to share sessions with I also offer pairs coaching at the same pricing so grab a mate and split the rate!

Private sessions are available for all ages & abilities.

Start making your squash dreams come true.

Tim is one of those all too rare coaches that can deliver clear instructions without overloading the student. He has the ability to isolate a player's issues and to provide actionable steps to improve their matches and enhance their enjoyment of the game. His passion for squash is obvious and he brings it to every session he coaches.

- Andy D

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