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BOXED4 COMPETITION - enter on Isquash

Accepting entries now for April on iSquash! 

The aim of this event is to provide playing time flexibility for our members in a social yet organised competition.

So it is really simple, each month players are placed in a group of 4 and they are required to play each other on or before the last Friday of the month. They can play anytime or at any other venue. Points are given to those who win and at the end of the month the winner of the group moves up to the next group and the bottom player falls to the group below.

Non Christchurch members are welcome to enter. 

Please click here for the league rules.

Note the following:

  • Get to meet others in the club.

  • Its all about FUN - Social Only

  • No grading points.

  • If you fail to turn up for a game you lose points.

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