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By Paul Growcott


I want to start this Newsletter with some outstanding achievements and results from our members over the past month at club, district, and national levels.

On the behalf of the club, I want to congratulate you all.

NZ National Super Champs

Our ladies’ team have had an outstanding result finishing second in the B Grade Ladies Super Champs finals in Dunedin. Well done team.

Pictured left to right – Claire Cumming, Olivia McCoy, Liza Tonkin, Ruby Beresford, Jemma Erceg & Kayla Brocks

New Zealand Senior Teams Nationals

Congratulations to our club members that were part of the Canterbury Senior team that won the NZ National Senior teams event in Hamilton.

Well Done – Joe Williams, Matt Smith, and Jason Oxenham

Pictured left to right – Oliver Johnson, Jason Oxenham, Paul Moran, Matt Smith, Joe Williams & Craig Hibbert

New Zealand & Canterbury Masters Representatives

Congratulations to the follow club members that have been selected for the New Zealand and Canterbury Master’s teams.

New Zealand Masters: Scott Gardiner

Canterbury Masters: Matt Smith, Simon Slade, Jason Oxenham, Scott Gardiner, & Katie Douglas

Club Champs


Men’s Open Men’s B Grade Men’s C Grade

1st Matt Smith Josh Telford Sam Jackson

2nd Jason Oxenham Torran McKee Benjamin Robb

3rd James Jordan Dylan Dopleach Michael Johnson

Women’s Open Women’s B

1st Jemma Erceg Eleanor Becker

2nd Katie Douglas Sofia Strange

3rd Olivia McCoy Carolijn van der Stock


Girls U19 1st Olivia McCoy

Girls U17 1st Sophie Howard

Girls U15 1st Simone Strange 2nd Tandia Fisher

Girls U13 1st Ivana Preston

Boys U17 1st Dylan Dopleach 2nd Ashton Fisher

Boys U15 1st Benjamin Robb 2nd Reuben Peterson 3rd Tom Bulman

Boys U13 1st Maxim Dill-Russell 2nd Nicholas Barr

Koro Gamesby Lucy Green

Christchurch Squash Club juniors provide strong showing at national AIMS Games tournament

Christchurch Squash club members Reuben Peterson, Noah Green, Benji Williams, Nicholas Barr, Nicholas Preston and Ivana Preston recently represented their respective schools at the AIMS Games, held in Tauranga from 2-8 September.

The annual sporting fixture is the largest of its kind. The 2023 event brought together over 11,000 intermediate age students from 373 schools, across a wide range of sporting disciplines. The athletes enjoyed a jam-packed week - kicking off with an impressive and star-studded opening ceremony.

The squash tournament was held at the Mount Maunganui Squash Club which was in the centre of the Blake Park sporting facility. This hosted hockey, ripper rugby, rugby, and netball - there were athletes in every direction and an incredible atmosphere. The catchphrase 'Up the Wahs' became very familiar!

The group were sure to support, cheer for, and provide between-game coaching to their friends throughout each day of the four-day event. The group also enjoyed some off-field time together when they weren't at the courts.

They also made new friends with others from across the motu - and plans for future squash matchups were made. Several parents and supporters commented on the squad's excellent sportsmanship, on-court effort, friendliness and conduct during the event. In this regard they did Christchurch Squash Club very proud.

In the girls' draw, Ivana did exceptionally well, bringing home a silver medal. In the boys' draw Reuben scored a bronze medal with Noah placing 6th, Benji 7th, Nicholas P 8th and Nicholas B 27th overall. The very strong showing of the club was noticed by all.

The results were an excellent end to an event where the juniors did themselves proud in every sense and had plenty of fun.

Pictured left to right – Back Row Noah Green, Benji Williams, Nicholas Preston, Front Row Reuben Peterson, Ivana Preston & Nicholas Barr.

Club Days

Club days are designed for members to come along for a social hit and get to know other club members. No booking required, just turn up on the day.

Club days are Wednesday from 7pm and Saturdays from 3pm

Junior Club Night

Junior club night is held during school term on Wednesdays from 4.00 to 4.45pm or 4.45 to 5.30pm. If your child would like to be involved, please contact Tim McVie at to see what time would be suitable.

Needing Games

If you are struggling to find someone to play or need some general information, please contact one of our Club Captains below.

Senior Women’s Senior Men’s Juniors

Eleanor Becker Andy Dopleach Di Barr

Thursday Pennant (Singles & Doubles)

This is a great way to meet new players and get some great games.

The aim of this competition is to be fun, social, getting to know club members and having great games alongside similar graded players. We will have doubles court or courts running as well as the normal singles or 3 on a court. You need to let me know if you want to play doubles or singles or don’t mind both upon entering.

Cost is $30 per club member; non-club members pay a pennant fee of $30 plus $30 (total $60) to play round. Please note the $30 goes to the club. These payments are due within the first 2 weeks of play. The money is used for balls and weekly suppers which we encourage players to stay for. There are normally 2 rounds of suppers – approx. 7.45pm and 8.45pm.

Times (you can’t pick a time – it is rotated around) Sessions 6.15pm to 7.00pm 7.00pm to 7.45pm 7.45pm to 8.30pm Last Round before Christmas If you want to be part of pennant night, please email Trish@:

Coaching at the Club

There is no doubt that your enjoyment of squash goes up the more you improve. The best way to improve is through coaching. I encourage all of you to book in a session with our club coach Tim McVie, regardless of what level you are at and see how quickly your game improves.

Please check out our website for full details

Ron Bannister - Coaching Weekend

Experienced Squash Coach, Rod Bannister, will be traveling from Otago up to Christchurch Squash Club to offer his expertise on 14th & 15th of October.

Contact Rod on or 022 194 7960 to book a time.

Court Advertising/Sponsorship

Would you like to advertise on our Squash Courts

There is still one great opportunity left to promote your business on court 7.

Cost - $2000 plus GST per year and the additional one off set up cost.

If you are interested, please contact me direct at

I want to acknowledge our existing court sponsors for all their support, it is gratefully appreciated.

Up Coming Events

Christchurch Doubles 27 & 28 October

Christchurch Squash Annual Awards


Thursday 23 November - All Members Welcome

7.00pm Drinks & Nibbles - Cash Bar 7.30pm - Awards Presentation

The night is about celebrating and recognising those members that have contributed to the club on and off the court this year.

Awards will be presented for the following categories –

Club Championships Team of the Year

- Men’s Open, A, B - Men’s

- Women’s Open, A - Women’s

- Junior Age Group Winners

Super Champs - Best Performed Player

Most Improved Player Player of the Year

- Junior Boy - Junior Boy

- Junior Girl - Junior Girl

- Male - Male

- Female - Female

Personality of the Year Kereopa Cup (major contribution)


Squash specific strength & conditioning program - Thomas Cooper

SQUASH PERFORM is an off-season, squash specific strength & conditioning program, aimed to maximise your off-season training and become the most conditioned athlete leading into your upcoming season.

This program begins at the conclusion of the season when athletes decrease sport-specific skill work and start to focus on functional movement and strength development.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high-level competitive athlete, this change in focus will allow for greater gains in skill work as the foundation of your athletic pyramid grows & helps to prevent injuries when the squash season commences.

The aim of this program is to build a strong foundation of strength, speed and power through full range of movement to guarantee you're at your peak performance leading into the new season.

Each week of programming includes two strength sessions, an aerobic capacity session & a mixed modal session. Each session has beginner, intermediate & advanced levels based on your athletic experience.

Prior to the November 6th start date, there will be an introduction seminar held at Flex Fitness Prebbleton on Saturday 4th November @ 11.30am. We will go over how to use the app, discuss program design, run through techniques for the main movements that are in the program, and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that a membership at your own local gym or fitness facility is required to follow the program.

Contact details can be found on the poster, get in touch with Thomas to book your spot today!

Foundation Golf Day 26 November @ Greendale

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